Become a PADI Instructor - Meet our team.


ProDiveUK is a unique training outfit founded in 2017 after the completion of Platinum Course

Director Kerrie Eade’s Course Director Training Course.


After a completely spectacular dive on the M2 from Portland, a conversation took place between

Kerrie and Bettie, who had recently qualified as a Staff Instructor, and it went a little something like


KE: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could go around the world and teach IDCs?”

BC: “OK, let’s do it then”

That was all that was required for ProDiveUK to be born with the mission of providing high quality

professional level PADI training in the UK and beyond.

The big launch for ProDiveUK was the Birmingham Dive Show in October 2017 and it was a great

success. Relationships with other dive centres in the UK including Ollie Powell of Sub Sea Adventures

started to be formed.


The first full year was a total whirlwind with 8 IDCs conducted across the Caribbean, UK & Spain with

a great deal of success. The number of graduates also resulted in Pro Dive being branded the “Teal

Army” at the Instructor Examinations due to the onslaught of the corporate colour at these times. It

was this year that we taught SubSea’s own Tony Farr who worked exceedingly hard throughout the

course and exam to end with a great deal of success.


Due to the hard work and number of candidates trained during this year, Kerrie earned the accolade

of becoming a Platinum Course Director for the first time and was awarded her certificate at DEMA in

November 2019.


The success of ProDiveUK and the drive from both Kerrie & Bettie to really push forward with both

their training and desire to keep adding additional value to all their training has had an exponential

effect throughout 2019. Bettie has now successfully completed her Course Director Training Course

which means an even more unique offering for instructor candidates as they now get the benefit of 2

(slightly bonkers) Course Directors.


The most notable achievement for the dynamic duo however has been taking part in the field trials

for the Brand New IDC which was officially launched at DEMA 2019. When Kerrie and Bettie are

asked to trial something, they really do go all out to get the best results and conducted 3 IDCs across

3 continents to test how it would be received with great success and with them both really energised

about the programme going forward.


The main differences on the new programme is a shift to make a lot of the classic presentations part

of the candidate eLearning to give them a really solid grounding in teaching, standards, risk and the

curriculum before they join their teaching team. The huge benefit of this is that time with Course

Directors and Staff Instructors is now spent on real world, practical application of skills and

knowledge to make the candidates a lot more prepared to teach as soon as they receive their

certificate of completion.


Another huge benefit is that there is now a lot more focus on rescue skills in the syllabus to make

sure that all emerging instructors come out of their training extremely capable and competent in not

just teaching their students rescue skills but also performing them if the need were to arise.


There have yet again been IDCs across the globe with courses being conducted in Sharm El Sheikh

and the Caribbean and Kerrie will once again be recognised at DEMA 2020 in New Orleans for

​reaching Platinum status for training so many new PADI professional and with plans to go even

further afield in 2020 with new partnerships being formed in the Philippines and Bahamas who

knows what lies ahead.


With all these amazing achievements and opportunities for the coming years, we can’t wait to see

where both ProDiveUK and their partnership with Sub Sea Adventures go next!




Sub Sea Adventures is thrilled to have partnered exclusively with the girls at Pro Dive UK to run all of our PADI Instructor training. With multiple locations in the UK and in countries such as Spain, Egypt or even the Caribean Pro Dive UK can offer you the best training worldwide. 


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