Malta Mini Trip

      P29 Shipwreck in Malta      


There is something really wonderful about having a favorite dive buddy, They just understand you on a level that no one else can. My dive buddy, adventure buddy and best frind Becks dragged me to Malta for my birthday for a mini break.

After we landed and got settled we went out for food and discussed which dives we wanted to do. Then it was early to bed. It was a relaxed morning with the dive centre collecting us at 8:30 am. After we sorted the paperwork out we headed up to Cirkewwa for our first days diving.

We started with a check dive. Our dive guide Lee had us do some skills before we went to find the little arch. It was a really scenic dive looking at Malta's stunning topography. The highlight was coming accross some button jellyfish. Our second dive was on wreck of the P29. This was a former East German patrol boat brought by Malta. She was sunk as an artificial reef for divers and still has her machine gun attached, which is great for photos.


For our second days days diving we had to dive in Gozo because of the weather conditions. Luckily this meant that I got to dive 2 wrecks I had not dived before. One of which was top our list of dives to do, the Kawella. She sits at 40 meters so we decided to do the dive as an extended range dive using a stage with 50% (Tec 40 qualification level). We were able to drop on her stern and worked our way through the ship having a look at her engines before looking at the famous staircase. For our second dive we did the wreck of the Caminoland a slightly smaller but equally as enjoyable dive.

Our last days diving took place on my birthday and I got to dive my favourite wreck in the world (So far ar least). The Um El Faroud. She was a Libyian oil tanker that was damaged by a huge explosion. When they realised that it wasn't economical to repair her, she was brought and sunk as a diving attraction. She lies in 2 parts after she was torn in half by a huge storm. The deepest point is at 36 meters. We dived the stern section first, exploring the engine spaces and all of her coridoors. This is the best wreck dive I have ever done. It was truely thrilling. Our second dive was spent exploring the bow section and getting a few photos. Both dives were again extended range dives to allow us to get the most time possible on the wreck.

That night was our last so we met up with some of the other divers we met, had a few drinks and talked diving. As we do.......

Malta you were amazing. A huge thank you to my bestie, too Divewise and to our guide Lee. Sub Sea is looking at running a trip in October 2020. Watch our travel page, which will be coming online soon for further details.......