Meet Ollie

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So tonight I thought I would tell you a little about me. For those that don't me my name is Ollie. I am one of the founders of Sub Sea Adventures.

I have been diving now for 21 years getting my PADI just after my 18th birthday. I new from my first breath underwater that something had changed within me and that the water and diving would be the central pilar of my life.

I worked my way up to Rescue Diver and completed several really exciting specialities and dived as often as I could both in the UK and Egypt.

In 2003 I flew the nest and went travelling. I explored Australia and ended up walking into Jetty Dive in Coffs Harbour. My life changed again. The owner Mike and I struck up a conversation. The plan had been to do a days fun diving and febrile in my Enriched Air Course. The weather prevented the dives that day but because of the atmosphere I signed up for my Divemaster Course and moved to Coffs 5 weeks later.

During my Divemaster Course I made some amazing friends. Most of whom I am still in touch with. I had some incredible instructors who took me under their wing. I was able to complete over 500 dives that year and went on to qualify as a PADI Instructor at the end of the year.

I feel so lucky to have experienced what I did and dive with the amazing sharks around the Solitary Islands as well as so many other amazing marine animals. 3 of my top 10 dives were completed during this year including a night dive with Humpback Whales singing. This was my most magical dive and memory.

Since I returned home to the UK I kept diving, kept teaching and slowly worked up the PADI system. I am now a Master Instructor and get to pass on my knowledge and experiences to other Dive Pro's and trainee Pro's. Who we will introduce you to over the coming months. I am also a Freediving Instructor and teach EFR first aid courses upto Instructor level.

My main passion within diving is teaching people and nothing gives me greater pleasure than getting sent pictures and messages from divers I taught telling me what they have seen.

My favourite type of diving is with Big Animals. I am going to Norway next year with my best friend to snorkel with Orcas. My number 2 bucket list trip.

If you want to know anything more please ask. Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.